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Entries for the competition held at the GA Festival of Geology, 2017

Albertosaurus chasing his Triceratops prey (done by Alex O’Donnell – age 9)

Albertosaurus chasing his Triceratops prey (done by Alex O'Donnell - age 9)

Dinosaurs by Charlie, aged 5


A Spinosaurus by Gianpaolo Ruju, aged 9


Thomas Hall

Thomas Hall

Thomas from Gloucester

A Plateosaurus by Gianpaolo Ruju, aged 7


A Stegosaurus by Joseph Waters, aged 7


A Spinosaurus by Alex Chu, aged 10


Mark Kropinske, aged 10

Centrosaurus Bone Beds – Why they occurred, several theories by Mark Kropinske:

When you see a bone bed, do you wonder how come all those dinosaurs ended up there? Well there could be many reasons why. I have two theories of why the centrosaurus bone beds occurred.

The first idea is that an Albertosaurus pack may have came upon a centrosaurus herd and began to chase them. They may have chased them over a leaf-covered tar pit and the centrosaurus’ became trapped in the tar pit. The Albertosaurus’ then scavenged off the centrosaurus bodies. They did not sink into the tar because they walked on the centrosaurus bodies.

Another idea is that the Centrosaurs, were running away from the Albertosaurus and they ran on to a flood plain and they were stuck in the mud and perished.

These are only two theories; as more bone beds are discovered, more studies done on them we might have a clearer picture of how and why these bone beds occurred.

Daniel Nelson from Carfin, Motherwell

A Ceratosaurus by Hunter Jenkins, age 13


A belemnite, an ammonite and an icthyosaur by Sam Baxter, age 7

Marine Fauna

Alex Chu, age 7

Dinosaur by Alex Chu

Dinosaurs by Nathan Strong

Dinosaurs by Nathan Strong

Pteranodon by Joshua Downing, age 6


Parasaurolophus by Lindsay Palmeri, age 7


3 Cartoons by Huw Grant, aged 8

Stegosaurus by Sam Insley, age 6


T. Rax by Daniel Nelson, age 5

T Rex

Beth McHale, age 5