Dinosaurs at Barnes, 28th-30th October 2016

The Dinosaur Society is pleased to announce our forthcoming conference to be held  on the 28th of October at the WWT London Wetland Centre, Barnes.

This will be followed by Dinosaur Days, a 2 day festival of geology and dinosaurs.

Jurassic Scene

International Meeting & Art Exhibition: 28th October

Dinosaurs at Barnes Itinerary

Keynote speakers include:

Romain Amiot, University of Lyon, France. Chilly dinosaurs from the far East; Palaeoclimate in East Asia 120 Ma ago.

Michael Benton, Bristol University. Telling the colour of dinosaurs and early birds.

Eric Buffetaut, CNRS, Paris. Bones from the vineyards: the Late Cretaceous dinosaurs of southern France.

Katrina van Grouw. The Unfeathered Bird.

Dean Lomax, University of Manchester. The significance of the British dinosaur record.

David Martill, Portsmouth University. Giant Pterosaurs from the mid-Cretaceous of Morocco.

Richard Moody, Kingston University. Dinosaur ‘Evolution and plate tectonics’.

Darren Naish, University of Southhampton. Dinosaur evolution, sexual display and sexual behaviour.

Bob Nicholls, Artist, Bristol. The life appearance of Psittacosaurus.

Dinosaur Art Gallery

Artists Attending Dinosaurs at Barnes

The dinosaur art gallery will be open throughout the 3 days and will include several art workshops.

Featured artists:

John SibbickLuis ReyBob NichollsJohn ConwayMark WittonKatrina van Grouw


Please call 07749122549 for more information.