Ceri Pennington – Prize Winner

Ceri Pennington won an award at Dinosaurs at Barnes 2016 for her exceptional sculpture of velociraptor which should serve as an inspiration to all budding paleoartists.

The imagination and quality of the artwork in Ceri’s entry is outstanding – everybody, including all the artists present as part of the weekend were impressed, both by the idea and the execution.

The quality of the minor detail in the sculpture was particularly impressive and not easy to achieve said established artist Bob Nicholls.

The thought and preparation behind the work was impeccable as is evident from the material used by Ceri and included in the links below – all details were thoroughly researched and the file on velociraptor makes informative reading in its own right.

Anyone who wants an insight into the process used to create the sculpture should read Ceri’s file on how it was made – she goes into extensive detail and highlights many of the issues involved in paleoart, some of which can prompt our imagination and help enlighten us in the field of palaeontology.

We’re looking forward to seeing the entries for our next competition so please stay tuned for details – more news coming soon.

Ceri Pennington VelociraptorCeri Pennington Velociraptor